Paintings In office how to choose 2

What are the best pictures to hang in the office? In this article, I will show a selection of the most fashionable and contemporary paintings for office interior decoration.

Office space is like a second home for most of us. We spend a significant amount of time at work, not only surrounded by colleagues, but also by the work environment.

Yes, it is much more pleasant to work in an environment that is not only safe and clean but also visually appealing. As a result, if you are in charge of the design of your office, you should start thinking about it right away.

Of course, each office is unique. There are areas where decoration is an integral part of the company, and how the office appears is how the company positions itself. There are offices where excessive decor is not welcome, but in general, there is a place for beauty, that is, painting, even in such conservative and traditional workspaces.

In this article, I will give you some practical advice on how to choose paintings for your office interior, such as style, color, format, and so on. In the second part of this article, I will provide specific examples and show in the photograph which paintings can be used to decorate the workplace.

Paintings In office how to choose 2

Why should you buy paintings for your office at all?

The environment’s emptiness and unnaturalness are unusual for a person. And every business owner has two objectives:

Paintings In office how to choose picture

  • Make your employees productive by providing a pleasant environment.
  • A positive image is largely achieved through beauty to demonstrate the success of the enterprise to the client. It also helps a person feel at ease in an unfamiliar environment.

The interior’s attractiveness is always achieved through the use of details. These are lighting and decorative items. And if the ficus has long become commonplace, such as shelves with awards and product samples, then art is new. You can make the most expensive repair to improve it, but an empty room will still repel.

Posters for office decoration

A practical option for companies looking for a spectacular and low-cost office decor. Posters are images that have been printed on paper or canvas. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, the surface can be matte or glossy. Let us show the benefits of this type of design.

Photo of Car Roy

  • Production time is short. Poster printing companies can typically complete a large order in 1-3 days. Everything is dependent on the workload. But keep in mind that purchasing a finished painting takes no more time.
  • Subjects and genres vary. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a replica of a famous work of art in your hands. The capabilities of modern printing are incredible. Anything can be printed, from monochrome photographs to chic still lifes and seascapes.
  • In comparison to painting, the cost is relatively low.

The main challenge is finding a business that uses tried-and-true materials and high-quality printers. Compliance with these requirements is the key to creating beautiful, detailed posters that can be used to decorate any modern office.

Characteristics of the choice of office painting

There are still questions about which paintings to hang in the office and where they should go. Let us examine them:

Office picture styles and content

Landscapes are the most popular choice. What people lack in the room is nature and street details (sidewalks with lanterns, trains, and park areas). They are stunning. They relax you, allowing you to go about your business freely. So the designers of the Microsoft office interior took a different approach, installing “living” walls that imitate green bushes. The concept works similarly. However, grass cannot be planted everywhere.

Photo of Antibes Seen From The Salis Gardens

Humans and animals: Purchasing a painting of people on a wall is preferable for modeling agencies, art galleries, and film studios. This is not used in banks, sales offices, and so on.

Abstractions include various types of waves, silhouettes, and other things. Color, rather than content, is important here (for example, gold paintings). They only serve to supplement the overall background.

Paintings by different artists (copies) are another universal option. Classics, no matter how banal they may appear, are always in style.

Color matching

Color design is difficult, but if you follow these rules, you will never go wrong:

Paintings In office how to choose image

1. Choose colors for interior items-a beige sofa next to a canvas with similar tones;

2. Avoid using a single color in a single zone; instead, try to use a shade from objects and walls away from the canvas. It’s similar to wearing shoes under a shirt or trousers with a headdress.

3. Begin with natural color combinations: the earth is brown, green grass is nearby, and yellow rye is nearby. Pink clouds float above the blue water. Purple flowers bloom on a light green lawn. A green-colored painting complements a yellow sunflower in a pot.

Office painting format

There are two varieties:

  • Monolithic works are those that are created on a single canvas. Classic;
  • Modular: 3-5 canvases containing one image. This variety is in demand due to its novelty.

Concerning the frame, the rules are the same. It is possible to hang it without a frame.


A popular style in office space design. At the same time, there are practically no restrictions on theme selection. The market sells black and white photographs of road intersections; oil paintings of modern bridges and Gothic buildings in Europe; as well as sketches of Chicago, New York, and other cities.

Brooklyn Bridge, Winter by Guy C. Wiggins

  • The clarity of lines and careful study of small details in realism make the canvas come to life and attract the eye;
  • Wide strokes of paint, barely visible to the average observer, give the canvases emotionality and emphasize the beauty of architecture.
  • Color stretches not only harmonize the overall perception of the paintings but also contribute to their dynamic nature. They look especially good when showing highways with a variety of car shadows rushing by.
  • Painting with a palette knife makes you admire the canvas due to the unusual, sharp strokes and texture that appear when working with this tool.

What draws people to architectural canvases? They enhance the style of almost any interior. For a classic design, choose drawings of medieval houses and palaces that emphasize pomposity and luxury. When decorating an office in a minimalist style, choose images of buildings with simple lines.

It will be easy to select an etude that reflects the specifics of your clients. The sketches of Parisian streets with street cafes will appeal to the female audience, while the buildings with complex architectural designs will appeal to the male audience.

One more thing:

It is not always easy to elicit pleasant feelings and emotions from urban architecture.

The image of a house, especially a large one, instills calm and confidence. As a result, if the owner wants to attract more customers, such paintings are appropriate for office decor.

Feng shui office manager

The “master sector” is located in the northwest and is where the manager’s desktop should be. This will assist him in being fair, wise, and making good decisions. The larger the leader’s table, the better, and place it as far away from the entrance as possible.

Article Paintings In office how to choose 3

It is preferable to use gold, silver, and white in the management office. Keep family photos on the table to bring them closer together, and photos of children will inspire creative approaches to problems and new heights.

The chair is also important. Choose a chair worthy of the title “throne.” It’s affordably priced and comfortable, with armrests and a high back.

Good luck with your business and career growth!


This is a three-sectioned art object. They are also known as “modular paintings.” There are also polyptychs, in which the number of individual canvases is limited only by the artist’s imagination and financial resources.

Image for article paintings for office

Small businesses are the primary users of this solution. The interior design of the premises is frequently done in modern styles such as minimalism, loft, or hi-tech.

Triptychs are distinguished by a wide range of genres, colors, and module sizes. Despite the dull office environment, all of this allows for creativity and self-expression. They look best above leather sofas or in the reception area, where every visitor’s gaze will undoubtedly be attracted.

Work takes one-third of an individual’s life. Keep this in mind as you decorate your office. Choose from the most popular and eye-catching works of art to add originality and comfort to your familiar work environment.

Let’s touch history.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system for balancing the environment’s objects. This learning is closely related to the Taoist philosophical and religious trend, which recommends the natural path of moral self-improvement. The phrase “wind and water” translates literally. That is, the meaning of something perfect and ideal is laid out here. Feng shui describes architecture and interiors using metaphorical terms that usually refer to an “invisible force” or energy.

There is a dictionary of Feng Shui terminology; here are some of its key concepts:

  • The flow of energy in a room is referred to as qi (house, garden). Energy Qi has both positive and negative aspects. That is, it is a kind of vital force that creates the microclimate in the room. Qi energy is thought to be born in symbiosis with units such as the universe, earth, and man. According to Feng Shui philosophy, Qi energy develops in the wind but is saves when it collides with water.
  • Shen-qi (or Shen-qi) is an auspicious energy or force accumulation. The literal translation is “contented dragon’s breath.” A person who harmonizes a room using the Feng Shui method achieves the Shen Qi goal.

Historically, feng shui has been widely used to favorably orient buildings, rooms, sites, and other spiritually significant structures.

Paintings In office how to choose picture

Workplace Feng Shui in the office

Employees can become conflicted when they have little personal space, and their productivity suffers as a result. It is critical that the employee sit in a position that benefits him.

Access to the table should be open, not closed, and better from differing viewpoints, which means more options.

For freedom of thought, the workplace should be clean, and wires should not interfere with the legs. Do not forget to wipe away the dust; all statues and “dust collectors” that are unrelated to feng shui or your work should be removed.

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