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Henri Charles Manguin (1874 – 1949) was a French painter and Fauvist movement representative.

Manguin attended the School of Fine Arts alongside Gustave Moreau, Matisse, and Charles Camoine, with whom he became close friends. Manguin , like them, copied paintings by Renaissance artists in the Louvre.
Manguin was born into a wealthy bourgeois family and was able to open his own workshop on Bourceau Street in 1899 and pay for sitters. Matisse, Marquet, and Puy were on their way to a friend’s house to collaborate.
Manguin was not a theorist, but he was a natural colorist: he used a bright, juicy palette to express his artistic temperament.
Manguin had been exhibiting at the Autumn Salon since 1904, and in 1906 he had a show at Drewe.
He had been working in Saint-Tropez during the summer months since 1905. He meets a Bruise the same year.
Four of Manguin’s paintings are housed in St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum.

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