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Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich’s leader, had a mediocre education.

Fine art was the only subject in which young Adolf excelled. As a result, it is not surprising that Adolf Hitler aspired to be an artist as a child.

In Mein Kampf, his partly autobiographical book, Hitler described how, as a child, he aspired to be an artist, but his ambition was dashed when he failed the entrance exams to the Vienna Academy of Arts. Hitler was denied admission twice: once in 1907 and once in 1908. The members of the examination committee thought he was better at architecture than painting. One of the teachers, who treated him kindly and believed that the applicant still possessed some talent, suggested that Hitler apply to the architectural academy. However, in order to do so, he would have to return to high school, from which Hitler had already dropped out and did not wish to return.

Adolf hitler painting 2

After being denied admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Hitler stays in the city and works as an artist. Hitler painted and sold postcards depicting scenes from his life in Vienna, and he frequently visited the artists’ cafe in Munich, hoping that the established artists who frequented the establishment would teach him how to draw professionally.
The work provided a good income, so much so that he refused the monthly pension due to him as an orphan in favor of his sister Paula in May 1911.
Who knows what would have happened if Hitler had become an artist or an architect. But history cannot be reversed, and now, decades later, we can look at Adolf Hitler’s canvases and wonder how a man with such an extraordinary life fate could be the author of these truly wonderful paintings.

Adolf hitler painting 4 Adolf hitler painting very colorful

Flowers, landscapes, and still lives… But Hitler’s true “skate” was still images of buildings. He attempted to capture on canvas the most beautiful squares, streets, and avenues of the cities he visited. By the way, it is well known that his postcards depicting architectural monuments were extremely popular among tourists.
But he either didn’t know how or didn’t want to draw people. In any case, Hitler was denied admission to the Academy of Arts precisely because of his poor-quality portrait drawings.

Adolf hitler painting natural Adolf hitler painting trees Adolf hitler painting mountains

It is worth noting that among his business partners, those who sold Hitler’s works at the time, was a Jewish merchant named Samuel Morgenstern. The majority of the buyers of the future Fuhrer’s paintings were also Jews. Unlike ordinary Germans, only Jews had significant financial resources in Germany at the time. As a result, one of Morgenstern’s clients, a lawyer named Josef Feingold, purchased an entire series of Hitler’s paintings depicting views of old Vienna. Of course, as the auctioneers point out, this is not Picasso, but Hitler’s cute watercolors looked very appropriate on the walls of rich Jewish businessmen and lawyers’ offices and living rooms: the atmosphere of his canvases is calm and peaceful.

Adolf hitler painting very beautiful Adolf hitler painting old town bridge Adolf hitler painting brown house

When Hitler was at the front, he reached the second stage of his work. The watercolors painted in the trenches mostly depict bombed-out buildings. In 1914, a 25-year-old Hitler was drafted by the army to the front lines of the First World War, where he took paints with him and painted in his spare time. His works during this time were among the last he wrote before entering politics.

Surprisingly, modern art critics consider Hitler’s paintings to be “pretty good.”
According to experts, Hitler’s brush is responsible for up to 3,000 works. However, only a few hundred of them have survived to the present day. They are also quite acceptable at auctions.

Adolf hitler painting blue tramm Adolf hitler painting city landscape Adolf hitler painting church Adolf hitler painting Still life Adolf hitler painting Houses near river Adolf hitler painting Town Adolf hitler painting 17 Adolf hitler painting Buy print Adolf hitler painting Lavel Adolf hitler painting Art


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