Loving Vincent fully animated film Lavelart

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This is the first fully oil-painted animated feature film on canvas in the world. Each of the 62450 frames was created by a team of 100 artists using oil paints on canvas, the same technique used by Van Gogh himself.

The animated film is made up of 65,000 frames, each of which is an oil painting on canvas in the style of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). A team of 100 artists collaborated to create the paintings.

An otoscope was used to create the animation for the film. We shot a feature film with real actors, then colored and animated each frame. The actors and film sets are shown before the coloring during the end credits.

Indescribable!!! This is more than just a pleasure! A scene from one of the great artist’s paintings. 125 people demonstrated true magic, such as how boats swing on the waves, emotions change on their faces, and wheat shimmers in the field. And everything is done by hand! Every single frame! Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings came to life for me! And how much was there in every stroke of love for this world that Van Gogh felt throughout his incredible life? Despite her failures, reproaches, misunderstandings, and insults, he loved her. That is his secret, and it has nothing to do with his work technique or the subjects of his paintings. He adored everything around him: fields, rivers, forests, Paris’s narrow streets, Arles’ exuberant colors and winds, every peasant plowing, every woman with a stigma. He was an outcast for everyone from birth, and only a few knew what a beautiful soul lurked behind this gloomy thin face. And the simplest thing we can do today is to love art through the creator’s personality.

Van Gogh, Vincent

My favorite musician.

If everyone who told Vincent he was incompetent, that he wasn’t an artist, that all of his paintings were worthless, went into any modern bookstore, gift shop, or showroom right now, they would go insane with shock. In the twenty-first century, “Starry Night” is more popular than the Mona Lisa! Except for a blind man, no one knows where Van Gogh’s self-portrait is. And today, each of his paintings is worth a fortune! But, until now, absinthe, prostitutes, and a severed ear have been the only things that have worried people about Van Gogh’s personality. He is still regarded as a lunatic who, by some miracle, became one of the greatest artists of his time.

I adore Vincent Van Gogh, the man who spent his entire life searching for the best way to express and reflect what he saw around him. He literally wrote everything he saw: a chair in the room, his shoes, people in the cafe across the street, tree roots, prisoners walking, his room, and the night streets. “What is natural is not ugly,” in my opinion, is the best feature of his work.

You may think I’ve forgotten about the film “Van Gogh: On the Verge of Eternity,” but that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Because the entire film is permeated with the artist’s loneliness and obsession throughout his life: Vincent’s only friend and person who supported, believed in, and was always there was his brother Theo. The world might not have known the artist Van Gogh if it hadn’t been for him and his faith and love for his brother. Even his contemporaries did not grasp the essence of Van Gogh’s talent – the people he was drawn to, aspired to, were uninterested in him. Not to mention the general public. Some were nice to him, but they were wary of him. Many people openly mocked him because they couldn’t understand his obsession with painting. Vincent was murdered by the children of such people. The film is difficult to watch due to the shooting style, numerous close-ups, and sound design. But it’s well worth it. After all, Van Gogh’s paintings are visible to the viewer in real life! And it’s truly incredible! And it is the subject of every frame of the film. On canvases, he expresses his soul in bold, quick strokes. Even while being treated in Saint-Remy, he wrote every day, without stopping.

I beg you to look after Vincent Van Gogh. Don’t love if you can’t, but be cautious. He was kind, he loved the world, even though it was unfair and harsh to him, and he left us with many beautiful photographs that now speak for him. So pay attention to them! And don’t be too shallow: Vincent didn’t drink absinthe because he was an alcoholic, he drew prostitutes and slept with them because he was driven by animal instincts, and he cut off his ear because his mind was confused.

Vincent, with love.