Photo of Crying Boy Painting by Giovanni Bragolin photo

“The Crying Boy” is one of a set of paintings by master Giovanni Bragolin made in the 1950s.

This painting is an art piece from the collection of painted young, sad, teary kids. It may seem strange, but this print was quite trendy around the World; for example, in Britain, were sold more than 50 thousand reprints of the piece of art. Depicted children were poor and pretty. One boy’s image primarily touches the soul, and his eyes are a sad representation of his personality. People remembered the painting as “The Crying Boy.” Giovanni Bragolin created more than sixteen paintings, and later reprints and prints of his paintings remained mass-produced.

The Crying Boy Giovanni Bragolin Photo


Giovanni was a painter or torturer? How would you identify a man whose line of paintings was about suffering children? But the most exciting secret is connected with his art «The Crying Boy,» hidden in legends and doomed to evoke fear all life, so far no one of professionals has revealed.

There is no information about the painter; the only thing that could claim with confidence, that he was from Italy. He changed his name from Bruno Amadio to Giovanni Brtagolin. He took this pseudonym after the Second World War when he arrived in Spain. And we also know that he fought on the side of Mussolini. The rest of the facts are myths, not giving clear information. And why aren’t his paintings exhibited in any museum, being famous?

Photo Of Giovanni Bragolin

There are plenty of Legends related to a piece of art, “The Crying Boy.” The most prevalent version is the painting of artists’ son, although there is no accurate information about his family. To gain a true expression of desperation, fear, and pain, the artist used the child’s fear of fire to make the result stronger. Some people say that when the boy couldn’t hold back anymore, he shouted to the father to burn himself. After this information, versions differ. Other people say that he died of pneumonia, and Bragolin died almost immediately after the boy. There are no confirmations to these versions.

Another version is that the artist depicted children from orphanages. Unhappy, desperate, and ready to show their suffering to any kind man. Maybe Bruno worked with such children, that’s why his paintings are looking so realistic. Some people also say that Giovanni gifted children’s homes «The Crying Boy,» and their houses burned after some time.

The unrecognized tale is the one where Bragolin called as the torturer of children. That’s not so hard to believe, because he was on the nazi side during the war. There are many facts about experiments during the Second World War with the participation of children.
It is easy to believe that a man who has seen and participated in the abuse of children painted suffering children without any problem.

Plenty Legends About The Crying Boy

So, where did the myth of the spell of the painting materialized? One newspaper in North England has published an article about the consequences that buyers of reproduction «The Crying Boy.» can get. There are many stories where people burned if they hung the painting to a wall, but the print stayed not burned. The reproduction manufacturer declared that it was happening due to the high quality of the paper. Also, they suggested bringing the reproductions to the publishing house, where they would burn it. The number of readers has increased after this declaration. Nobody could say for sure if it were a marketing trick or willing to warn people.

Who knows if those stories were true. It may be a fake of journalists or people themselves, but it is hard to look at these paintings for a long time. On enough mistic, the painting depicted a crying child. Cute, adorable, but unhappy.