Photo of The First Painting Of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso started painting when he was three years old. His childhood was in Malaga, where he tried to paint with oil paints. Small Pablo was under the impression of bullfighting; that’s why Picasso made “Le Picador”. He finished this piece of art when he was nine years old. 

The First Painting Of Pablo Picasso

First painting made by Pablo Picasso – Le Picador

Corrida became his life-long passion

Later corrida became his life-long passion. He painted many paintings about bullfights, one them was Bullfight created in the 1901 year, before going to Paris. He was 19 years old, and this piece of art he made for an exhibition in Vollard’s gallery. Pablo painted more than ten paintings for this exhibition, made in a vibrant impressionist style, with broad sweeping strokes. 

Bullfight - One Of The Paintings About Corrida By Picasso