The Hallucinogenic Toreador Print – Salvador Dali

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A very unusual and trippy canvas print. You could stare at this work for the rest of the day. Your imagination will transport you to alternate worlds and realities.


Some words about the Hallucinogenic Toreador:


The Hallucinogenic Toreador is a Salvador Dali painting that was created between 1969 and 1970 and became a kind of generalizing result, or, if you will, the pinnacle of all Dali’s work at the time.

Salvador Dali worked tirelessly for 15 months to create this massive, without exaggeration, canvas—the ” Hallucinogenic Toreador ” has a surface area of twelve square meters.

The creation of the “Hallucinogenic Toreador” began with the “gift” that Dali so adored – in all its forms, forms, and manifestations. Friends gave the tired Catalan a set of pencils with the image of the Venus of Milo on the box, and Dali’s sharp eye, accustomed to looking for associations everywhere and everywhere, suddenly noticed a striking resemblance in the outlines of Venus to the face of the famous Spanish bullfighter Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, nicknamed “Manolete,” with whom the artist was personally acquainted at one time.

Dali made an unexpected observation with Gala, and Gala told her friends about Salvador’s “finding” – but no one, except Dali, saw the toreador’s face in the image of Venus. Salvador Dali, on the other hand, was not at all perplexed by this: after all, it was he who was a brilliant artist – and it was he, not some “friends,” who possessed the divine gift of seeing what others did not see. Salvador rolled up his sleeves and got to work – as he always did – seriously and thoroughly.

Many months of hard work on sketches preceded the creation of the painting. Dali created the painting at his home in Port Lligat, where he used a massive electrified movable frame designed by the artist himself to carefully and methodically work through every fragment of this massive canvas.

Dali divided the painting’s space into 12 squares of 1 sq m each for convenience, and began a truly titanic work that, as previously stated, was to become an epic of Dali-the-artist.

About the The Hallucinogenic Toreador Print:


Artist: Salvador Dali

Name: The Hallucinogenic Toreador Print

Type: Canvas Print

Condition: Stretched (Ready to hang) or Rolled



Permanent Waterproof

Fresh Color Forever


Permanent sun-resistant


Additional information

Print Type

Ready To Hang, Rolled

Print Size

100*120 cm(39*47 inch), 20*20 cm (8*8 inch), 20*30 cm (8*12 inch), 30*50 cm (12*20 inch), 40*50 cm (16*20 inch), 40*60 cm (16*24 inch), 50*70 cm (20*27 inch), 60*70 cm (24*27 inch), 80*150 cm (31*59 inch), 90*100 cm (35*39 inch)

1 review for The Hallucinogenic Toreador Print – Salvador Dali

  1. kovalenko80

    It was created when Dali was in his 60s and depicts his abilities at their peak. This is a true masterpiece, complete with double/hidden images. The longer I look at him, the more I notice. This image comes highly recommended by me.

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