How lovely photos of the interiors of fireplace rooms are!


Whatever interior style we have in front of us – classic, country, high-tech, or minimalism – A “story” about a fireplace is always about atmosphere and special emotions.

And almost always, our imaginations inspire us to hang a painting above the fireplace. This option does appear stylish and aristocratic.

However, as it turns out, it is not always useful. As an example. We’ll explain why.

Painting over the fireplace image

It is essential to keep proper temperature and humidity conditions for the protection of newly acquired paintings. Normal painting conditions are 18-22 degrees Celsius and 40-70% humidity. However, drafts, high humidity, and sudden temperature changes can all damage artwork.

We should be concerned about temperature differences in fireplace halls, specifically a significant increase in temperature in the fireplace area during periods of fireplace operation. Given that the fireplace is usually used for a long period of time (an hour, two, or three), the air temperature around the fireplace warms up significantly. It reaches its peak above the fireplace, exactly where we intend to hang the picture.

The high temperature has an effect on the paint layer as well as the wooden stretcher. The paint layer is likely to crack, and the painting will need to be restored. The wooden stretcher may also become deformed due to the dryness of the air. This is less difficult to correct than changes to the paint layer (just go to the framing workshop to replace the stretcher). However, it must be corrected.

As a result, if the fireplace is on and you are using it, the picture above the fireplace does not belong there.

In what cases is it still possible to place a picture above the fireplace?

  • If you have a false fireplace, a false portal is a decorative element of the interior. Then – yes, of course, the picture will look great and will not be affected by negative factors.
  • If you have an electric fireplace and you use it extremely rarely and for a short time. Just in case, first measure the air temperature in the area where the picture is located with the electric fireplace running.

Where to place a picture in the fireplace room, if not above the fireplace? There are many options and they depend on the design features of the room:

  • to the left and right of the fireplace (check that the outlets of the hot air ducts do not exit in these directions);
  • above the sofa in the fireplace room;
  • above the chair
  • above the console
  • just on a furniture-free wall.

Below are photos from interior shootings with the participation of our paintings. Mark for yourself – where the placement of the pictures is correct, and where it is not)

Painting over the fireplace 6 Painting over the fireplace 5 Painting over the fireplace 4 Painting over the fireplace 3 Painting over the fireplace 2

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