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The final chord of design is interior decoration. Properly chosen house decorations give it a residential appearance and fill it with comfort. At the same time, it is the small details, such as a picture on the wall, a flower on the windowsill, or a figurine between spice jars on an open shelf, that make the design stand out. When it comes to interior design, knowing the fundamental rules will help you create a truly harmonious and eye-pleasing design. In this article, we will share 10 designer secrets for the perfect decor.

Keep the rhythm.

When viewing paintings and drawings, rhythm is an artistic technique that directs the viewer’s gaze. It can also be used to decorate the apartment’s interior. Its essence is that each piece of decor should be combined with something in the room that is similar in color or texture. When placing turquoise pillows on a sofa, for example, hang a picture of the azure sea above it or place a blue vase nearby. It’s preferable if the number of such accents is odd.

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Color moderation

Color selection is the foundation of interior design. To avoid overcrowding the space, decorate with no more than 2-3 colors and their shades. At the same time, contrasts are important because a completely monochrome room looks boring. Choose contrasting decor to add depth. Bright textiles, for example, or a few black decor items—candlesticks, vases, lamps, etc.—will help to revitalize a light-colored room.

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Various sized ornaments

When selecting ornaments for furniture, decoration, textiles, or decor, keep in mind that they should not be uniform. If you have wallpaper with small flowers, choose textiles with large geometric patterns. Otherwise, the eyes will begin to ripple as a result of the abundance of small patterns.

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Window decoration

Windows are frequently overlooked when decorating the interior of a room, but this is in vain because their design has a significant impact on the perception of the room. Roman blinds, blinds, and fabric roller blinds with a pattern that matches the design of the room are the most fashionable options. Heavy curtains or curtains with lurex, on the other hand, are best left in the past; they do not go well with modern styles.

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There is no better way to decorate than with picturesque paintings (or art prints). They will never go out of style and will look great in any interior, from strict classicism to an industrial loft. The important thing is that they blend in with the overall design in terms of style and color.

Art home decoration

Paintings or canvas prints provide numerous options for decorating the interior with your own hands. Even if you lack artistic talent, you can paint a picture by numbers or put together a puzzle and hang it on the wall.

Take care of the frames as well. Choose frames in the same style or color if you are displaying several different paintings or art prints in the same room.

Combination of natural and man-made textures.

Natural textures are popular among designers because they remind us of nature and bring peace to our souls. However, using only natural materials in modern city apartments is difficult. As a result, feel free to mix them with artificial textures and play with contrast, such as pairing a metal lamp with a fabric lampshade. Such interior decoration combinations will look especially appealing in the kitchen.

Combination of natural and man-made textures

“Green companions”

Plants complement any interior design, so don’t overlook them when furnishing an apartment. But take note of their lovely design. Instead of simply stacking flower pots on the windowsill, choose an unusual bookcase or hanging structure for them. You can also make your own.

Green companions

More is less.

There are times when you should look at the room’s decorating from the opposite direction, that is, consider what can be removed rather than what can be added. If you find yourself drowning in a sea of useless decor, it’s time to do a thorough cleaning. Get rid of everything that has no sentimental value for you, and you’ll notice how much more space you have to breathe-this is the main principle of minimalism. And instead of a dozen small monotonous souvenirs, it is preferable to buy a couple of larger-sized, interesting and relevant decor items.

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If you are a collector and, for example, collect cat figurines, set aside a special space for them, rather than scattering them throughout the apartment.

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Decor changes according to the season

It is necessary to update the decor on a regular basis so that it does not bother. Purchase several sets of textiles and home decorations and rotate them according to the season, such as preferring orange tones in autumn and green in spring. This way, your décor will always be current and fresh.

Custody of things

Custody of things

Things can be kept in places other than cabinets and drawers. Boxes, caskets, key holders, baskets, and vases are also very important in decorating; elegant things in which to store various small items. This makes the design appear more organized.

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What is the difference between an interior designer and a decorator? It is not the same as many people believe. The designer is primarily responsible for the layout and functionality of the space, as well as the selection of the style, overall color scheme, and finishes. The decorator’s job is to decorate the resulting room; he chooses furniture and accessories and creates the atmosphere of the home.

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