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Gustav Klimt The Virgin poster – Beautiful wall art for home deco.

It Will raise the prize of your house.

It can enhance the atmosphere in a area, and make it more positive.

Your mood will be great every day.

About the painting:

Artist: Gustav Klimt

Name: The Virgin

Type: Print on canvas

Quality of the canvas:

Permanent Waterproof


Permanent sun-resistant


Some words about The Virgin painting:


The painting “The Virgin” refers to Klimt’s final period of work, when he began to abandon his own snobbish decorative style. This transformation is already visible on the 1913 canvas: Klimt chose a dark background for the painting and used a demanding color palette. When compared to his previous works, which were brimming with life and passion, “Virgins” exudes calmness rather than negotiation.

At first glance, the image tells us a complete story: a girl transforms into a woman. This process is depicted by the painter through the dream of a young girl surrounded by half-naked women, as if images from her dream. There is a hint of Klimt’s former heroine – the femme fatale from “Judith” or “Danae” – in them, but the women bent and turned away in oblivion look peaceful and touching. This is also supported by the deliberate contrast between the women’s softly painted faces and the coarse fabric of the bedspreads that conceal their bodies.

Female figures intertwined on a spinning, seemingly sinking into the abyss bed are “crowned” by the sprawled figure of a young girl, who appears happy and calm. Klimt’s use of spirals in painting the fabric of the bedspread – a symbol of infinity and immortality – is not for nothing. For him, a woman is a source of eternal life, which the girl in the picture is not yet aware of.


Additional information

Print Type

Ready To Hang, Rolled

Print Size

100*120 cm(39*47 inch), 20*20 cm (8*8 inch), 20*30 cm (8*12 inch), 30*50 cm (12*20 inch), 40*50 cm (16*20 inch), 40*60 cm (16*24 inch), 50*70 cm (20*27 inch), 60*70 cm (24*27 inch), 80*150 cm (31*59 inch), 90*100 cm (35*39 inch)


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