The Princess of England by Sveta Aleksejeva Art Print


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Ladies and gentlemen, behold the majestic “Princess of England” art print, created by the talented Sveta Aleksejeva! This masterpiece will transport you to a land of regal splendor, where tea is sipped with pinkies up and crumpets are enjoyed with reckless abandon.

With the Princess of England adorning your walls, you’ll feel like royalty yourself. You might even find yourself speaking in a posh British accent, sipping tea from a dainty cup, and demanding that your servants fetch your monocle.

But don’t let the Princess’ refined demeanor fool you – she’s got a mischievous twinkle in her eye that suggests she’s up for a bit of fun. Perhaps she’ll sneak out of the palace for a wild night on the town, or maybe she’ll ride a horse through the countryside while singing show tunes. Who knows what adventures await when you have the Princess of England by your side?

So if you’re ready to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your decor, look no further than this charming art print. Just be prepared to feel a sudden urge to curtsey every time you walk past it.


Specification of the art print


Artist: Sveta Aleksejeva

Name: The Princess of England

Type: Printed canvas

Quality of the print:

Permanent Waterproof


Permanent sun-resistant


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Additional information

Print Type

Ready To Hang, Rolled

Print Size

100*120 cm(39*47 inch), 20*20 cm (8*8 inch), 20*30 cm (8*12 inch), 30*50 cm (12*20 inch), 40*50 cm (16*20 inch), 40*60 cm (16*24 inch), 50*70 cm (20*27 inch), 60*70 cm (24*27 inch), 80*150 cm (31*59 inch), 90*100 cm (35*39 inch)


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