Painting Of Black Woman – Portrait of a Negress Print




If you need a painting inspiring to combat and bringing hope, then Portrait of a Negress Print is your painting.

This painting is a symbol of equal rights for women and black people.

It was painted 6 years after end of slavery. At that time word “Negress” was not abusive.

Why not to hang it in a living room or a dining room? Portrait of a Negress Print will charge you with power every day!


Name: Portrait of a Negress Print

Artist: Marie-Guillemine Benoist

Type: Canvas Print

Condition: Stretched (Ready to hang) or Rolled



Permanent Waterproof

Fresh Color Forever


Permanent sun-resistant


About the painting:


The naked, uncluttered body, the handkerchief-tied hair, the light source behind the head – as if the sun illuminates the image and is reflected by highlights in gold jewelry – all add value to the portrait’s warmth. “The Negress” is painted on a painted background with finely applied paints. “The Negress” fits into a number of attempts at the end of the nineteenth century to depict portrait ethnic types of various races and nationalities. The position of the depicted and the foggy background indicate that the image was created in the studio. In her paintings from this time period, Belinskaya used unusual figure framing.

There is no evidence of the painting being shown to the general public after the 1888 exhibition in London. It’s possible that the painting was moved to Warsaw after Anna’s studio in Paris closed. It was most likely purchased in 1926 — (1927) through an antiques shop by a well-known collector in Poland, Dominik Vetki-Yezhevski (Polish. Dominik Witke-Jeewski), who was a fan of Bilinska’s paintings and also purchased “The Head of the Serb” and several other paintings. On August 21, 1933, the collector gave the “Negress” to the National Museum for storage (Warsaw). The painting was purchased by the National Museum (Warsaw) in June 1939 for 700 zloty.
During World War II, the painting disappeared and was stated lost. Only 60 years after his disappearance, it reappeared at auction. Almost a decade of research confirmed the painting’s authenticity, and it was returned to the National Museum on March 21, 2012. (Warsaw).

.. Consider my situation, Sir: I’m confused about  what to do in the Salon. Have enough topics and sketches, but Julian, the Academy’s Director, wants to make this the original theme and definitely interesting local audience, something to catch everyone’s attention, and it was all done from nature. … “Black woman” artist Bilinski depicted in extremely seductive tones, thick and sensual lips are bloody berry flavor… This demonstrates the artist’s exceptional talent…
Bilinskaya “mastered the refined elegance of the brush,” and her realistic portraits are created with “exceptional taste”; they have a thorough composition, careful drawing, color harmony with a rich and expressive color palette, and the brightness of tones is enhanced by soft lighting.



Additional information

Print Type

Ready To Hang, Rolled

Print Size

100*120 cm(39*47 inch), 20*20 cm (8*8 inch), 20*30 cm (8*12 inch), 30*50 cm (12*20 inch), 40*50 cm (16*20 inch), 40*60 cm (16*24 inch), 50*70 cm (20*27 inch), 60*70 cm (24*27 inch), 80*150 cm (31*59 inch), 90*100 cm (35*39 inch)


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