Acrobat and Young Harlequin Pablo Picasso Art Print


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Add a Touch of Whimsy to Your Decor with ‘Acrobat and Young Harlequin’ by Pablo Picasso


Unleash the playful and whimsical charm of Pablo Picasso’s “Acrobat and Young Harlequin” with our stunning canvas art print. This high-quality reproduction captures the intricate lines and shapes of Picasso’s masterpiece, bringing every detail to life in a way that is sure to captivate and delight.

Our canvas art print is not just visually stunning, but also built to last. Made with high-quality materials, it is waterproof and sun-resistant, ensuring that it retains its beauty for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement in your living room or add some character to your office, “Acrobat and Young Harlequin” is the perfect addition to any space. With a range of sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for any wall.

Experience the unique and whimsical charm of Picasso’s art in your own home or office. Order your canvas art print of “Acrobat and Young Harlequin” today from Lavelart and add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to your decor.


Name: Acrobat and Young Harlequin

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Type: Canvas Print

Condition: Stretched (Ready to hang) or Rolled


About the painting:


Acrobat and Young Harlequin, painted in 1905 by Pablo Picasso, straddles the boundary between the artist’s Blue Period, characterized by melancholic subjects and a predominantly blue palette, and his Rose Period, when pink and rose hues began to emerge. In this masterpiece, two young performers stand in a shallow space with a theater backdrop of a landscape hanging behind them. One of the performers is a taller boy, dressed in a brilliant red costume and a pointy hat, portraying an acrobat. The other performer, a smaller boy, is dressed in a traditional diamond-patterned costume of Harlequin, a famous figure from the Italian commedia dell’arte. Rather than capturing the actors in the middle of a dramatic scene, Picasso presents a moment of stillness. The pair seems to have just finished their performance and is receiving applause from the audience, as suggested by their different gaze directions. The younger boy exudes confidence, resting his hand on his hip, while the older boy shows a protective gesture, placing his hand on the other’s shoulder.


Additional information

Print Type

Ready To Hang, Rolled

Print Size

100*120 cm(39*47 inch), 20*20 cm (8*8 inch), 20*30 cm (8*12 inch), 30*50 cm (12*20 inch), 40*50 cm (16*20 inch), 40*60 cm (16*24 inch), 50*70 cm (20*27 inch), 60*70 cm (24*27 inch), 80*150 cm (31*59 inch), 90*100 cm (35*39 inch)


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