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10 Good Tips From Professional Designers – Where to hang a painting and what kind of painting to choose.

Design of a room is not completed, if it is not adorned with art panels, photos, or beautiful paintings. Any interior may gain harmony If there will be placed wright painting. This simple element of a decoration, brings into a space a necessary accent, energy, sets the tone. But only with the good choice and placement on the wall! We are offering several secrets from designers, about how to achieve harmony through paintings. They will help you to resolve two important issues: 1) Painting location  2) Type of painting.

  1. If you have selected a canvas with a huge picture, or just it has a huge size. Then at least several meters of empty space should be reserved around the painting. A room must be spacious, for example a big bedroom or living room. Such a painting visually may reduce a space in a huge room. Dazzling colors are influencing the style in general.

Huge Painting For Your Room

2. If you decide to purchase a painting, pay attention to how it is created: vertically or horizontally. Due to vertically created painting possible to grow ceilings height, and horizontally created painting can make walls wider. Canvases that are created horizontally are very good above a bed, dresser or sofa in a living room. For a narrow wall, the excellent solution is a vertically created painting.

Vertically Created Painting For Room Decoration

3. If the wall is too bright and expressive, try to place a painting into a wide passe-partout. This will help to expose tiny parts of an art work. They will not mix with different patterns on the wall.

A painting with a wide pass portou

4.Correct positioning of paintings

Here is the way to place horizontal paintings. Simply imagine a line above the lower edge of the canvas 2-3 cm, it has to fit with your eye level. This line will be the right position where to hang the painting.
Same rules for vertically created paintings. Need to imagine a parallel line a bit higher from a lower edge of a piece – about six or seven centimeters. This rule works in rooms with high ceilings.

horisontally created painting how to hang

5. Big and medium paintings better hang up so that their center is at the level of a man’s eyes. 1.6 meters from floor is the best height.

6. Such things as small paintings or photos, better to hang up a bit lower than the level of the eyes. 1.5 m from the floor could be fine. It is more convenient to look at such paintings at close range.

Big and small paintings on the wall

7. It is important as well, in what style a painting is created . There are some rules for placing impressionist paintings on the wall , for example: the bigger side multiplied by 3 equals should be a minimal distance to a person enjoying the piece of art.

8. Classical painting in a massive frame, needs a lot of space around it. Such a piece won’t look good next to furniture or other paintings.

9. If your wall is big enough, and paintings are small sized. You can put them around a painting that you like very much. These pieces have to have the same colors, subjects or style.

If you have bought paintings of different sizes, do not hang big over little ones. If you will do so, the small ones will fade against the background of the big ones. Also do not hang paintings in ascending order, this is not a good idea.

A very interesting solution is to place the same size pictures on different levels. It is also good to hang the same size paintings in the same row with the same gaps.
If you want to hang 3 pieces in a row, keep in mind that the Boss will be the middle one. The second painting will take all the attention.

If you have plenty of photos that you want to hang, then you can fill the whole wall with them. It will look lovely.

It is very important, before hanging up paintings to the wall, to group them on the floor. If you will like the result, then hang them up on the wall.