Photo of How to choose a good wall art for your room

Walls without anything – one of the main reasons why the interior looks incomplete and boring. The easiest way to fix this issue is to hang a painting. We ll tell you how to choose the right one.

How to choose a suitable painting for design : 5 good tips

1. How to choose a painting by color

In order the painting to look harmonious, make sure it fits into the color scheme of the room. However, the painting made with contrast colors could match the room color scheme, if they fit together.

Choose wall art painting by color like a pro

2. According to the size of the room.

A huge painting with a massive frame can reduce the room visually, but small canvases will look inappropriate on the big wall. Make some small spices out of paper, and try them on the wall, in order to clarify what painting you need to buy. A very interesting exception to the rule: a huge painting, standing on the ground and leaning on the wall, will make a little room space bigger. It may be challenging to suit such a painting and it’ll sacrifice some free space in your room, but this may look spectacular.

How to choose wall art painting by size

There is another small trick: vertical paintings or vertical compositions of various paintings or posters will make your ceiling visually higher. However, you need to be careful with this trick in flats with high ceilings , in order not to get “Good effect”. For rooms with high ceilings it is better to suite horizontally placed huge paintings.

3. Combination with selected interior design.

If you are buying a picture wall art, remember the style of the room. Pop-art style painting would hardly fit a classical style, and nature painting with a gold-plated frame will not suit Scandinavian style. To avoid overcrowdedness, do not forget about accessories and accents in the room.

Choose wall art painting according to rooms design and style

4. Proper theme – How to choose?

There some win-win variants, if you cannot come up with an image, which you wish to place in your house:

  • Fan-art with favorite scenes from movies and cartoons, characters of books
  • Images of places you have visited or dream to go to
  • Paintings of landscapes or animals
  • Motivating quotes and drawings
  • Paintings with abstract art

Focus on your own preferences and experience, when you choose a painting. Do not focus on advice of acquaintances or trends, because you will see this painting every day, therefore it is important that it causes pleasant emotions.

5. Choosing spot for painting

Before you decide what is the best place for the wall art, do the experiment: ask several friends to tell what they are looking at first of all, entering the room. This is the place where you should hang the painting that you like. If you do not want to ruin the wall with drilling and you want place the painting for a short time,use special fittings:

Bluetack – special blue tape, endures up to 1.5 kg, without leaving any spots;
Fittings for paintings ‘Command’ – endures up to 2 kg, and it is transparent;
Suspension system for fitting – “Kresp” , endures up to 2 kilograms;
Remember, that the larger is painting, the more room there should be ahead of it. Leave a free space ahead of huge paintings that equals canvas height multiplied by two.

Also be aware about furniture dimensions, near the painting. The width of the canvas shall not be more than half of the sofa or dresser width. If it is photo collage or posters, the value rises to 2⁄3 of the width of the furniture