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Work, as they say, is our second home; we spend the most of our time there. As a result, people frequently bring elements of individuality, aesthetics, and comfort to their workplace (office, cabinet). In addition, many people choose paintings as office decorations.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that an art print hanging in office can provide not only aesthetic pleasure, but also the energy of prosperity and stability into our lives, positively influence our careers, and contribute to financial well-being. The art of feng shui teaches how to achieve this by using just the right motifs in your office paintings or canvas prints.

I’d like to share a few basic tips from Feng Shui teachings regarding the use of canvas prints in the interior of a study or office.

It is believed that hanging a picture of water in some form or another in front of your table will bring you good luck (snow, sea, lake, river). At the same time, the art print should be hung on a wall that faces north, east, or southeast. If the wall in front of your table does not face one of the above directions, you should not hang the picture because water has a dual effect and should be used with caution.

The plot of the painting is extremely important. Pictures of a river, sea, or a road in the distance, hung in front of the desktop, bring good luck to the office. The appearance of the water element against the backdrop of mountains is less favorable than without mountains, according to Feng Shui teachings. Because the mountains in this case represent the obstacles in your path to success. However, the image of a boat or ship on the water is regarded as a far more favorable sign. Reaping and harvesting scenes in general are also recommended. Such themes always imply that a person’s luck is “ripening” and that the time has come to reap its benefits.

Photo of A Cart on the Snowy Road at Honfleur canvas print wallart

Photo of painting of lake and nature


In addition, feng shui suggests using an image of your dream that represents well-being: it could be jewelry, a yacht, or a car. It can also include symbolic elements such as images of sunflowers representing prosperity, paintings with a bright sun in the foreground, or even portraits of successful people. If you place such images on the right side of your workplace, they will bring you good luck and aid in the fulfillment of your desires. The more you look at them, the more likely it is that your dream will come true.

Harbor Life, Hong Kong Art Print

Landscape paintings, according to Feng Shui experts, are good for attracting positive energy. If you’re having a disagreement with your boss, images of mountains are ideal. You will immediately sense the guide’s location. If at all possible, hang a canvas print above your own desktop. It is also recommended to hang paintings depicting large beautiful houses behind your back as a symbol of a strong “rear,” your family, or paintings with stairs going up – such paintings contribute to easy career advancement.

Photo of At the Waterfall painting

It is strongly discouraged to hang negative energy images in the office, such as images of deserted, bare places, dying and thorny trees, dying plants and animals, dull landscapes, and paintings with dull colors. Avoid images of wild animals (such as bare-jawed tigers), battle scenes, and images with sociopolitical significance.

Thus, Feng Shui teachings provide us with numerous options for selecting the most optimal version of the picture and its plot, which can not only serve as a beautiful decoration for your office, but also as a source of inspiration and a “guide” of positive energy.

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