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Henri Matisse The Dance print – a perfect item for home decoration. Probably it will fit any modern room.

When people looked at Henri Matisse’s paintings, he wanted them to relax. And looking at all of his paintings makes me feel calmer; I don’t want to rush anywhere or do anything. So, if you want to relax when you get home, hang this print in a visible place.


Artist: Henri Matisse

Name: The Dance

Type: Canvas Print


Permanent Waterproof


Permanent sun-resistant


About the painting:


“The Dance” is the latest painting by Matisse. The artist’s style is clearly expressed in it. And he simplifies everything that is possible. The question is –  Why?.

Everything is easily explained. To express something important, everything superfluous is cut off. And what remains serves to clearly display the artist’s idea to us.

In addition, if you look closely, then everything in the painting is not so primitive. Yes, the earth is expressed only in green. And the sky is blue. The figures are drawn very conditionally, in one color – red. No volume. No space in depth.

But the movements of these figures are very complex. Especially pay attention to the left, the highest figure.

With just a few precise and verified lines, Matisse depicted a spectacular, expressive pose of a person.


Visitors to the Hermitage today, admire the painting and are frequently photographed right next to it. It took a long time for the work to be recognized, and many people are still puzzled by the question, “What makes it a masterpiece?” Now I’m going to tell you everything!

Henri Matisse, a French Fauvist artist, painted “Dance” in 1910. And not just anyhow, but at the express request of Russian collector Sergei Shchukin. The order included three panels to decorate Shchukin’s mansion: “Dance,” “Music” (located in the Hermitage, next to the “Dance”), and “Bathing” (the picture was never painted, only sketches were preserved). This was Matisse’s first large-scale order, which allowed him to forget about money for a while.

The customer was pleased with the outcome, and he decided to exhibit the “Dance” at the Paris Exhibition in 1910, where the exposition elicited a barrage of negative emotions and reviews. The audience, accustomed to academic painting canons, was taken aback by Matisse’s careless brushstrokes, as well as the primitiveness and simplicity of his forms. The work literally drove everyone out of themselves, and the collector was thought to have a complete lack of taste, for which he almost refused the order but later changed his mind.

Due to the October Revolution of 1917, Shchukin was forced to flee the country, leaving behind a collection of paintings that later became the property of the authorities and were distributed to museums. As a result, the painting “Dance” ended up at the Hermitage.

Why is Henri Matisse’s painting “Dance” considered a masterpiece?

It is a masterpiece precisely because of the sense of lightness and simplicity of execution, as it represents Fauvism, a trend that began in France in 1905 and was led by Matisse. Fauvism is distinguished by the following characteristics: bold use of bright and unnatural colors applied to the canvas in large strokes; simple forms and compositions; lack of chiaroscuro; and so on. Representatives of this direction, who have an art education, specifically refused “everything complicated,” aiming for maximum clarity in their works. In just four years of existence, Fauvism had a huge impact on the entire world of art.

By the way, the New York Museum of Modern Art has a Matisse painting called “Dance” that is very similar to the one in the Hermitage but has a slightly different color palette. It was commissioned by an American collector in 1930, indicating a gradual understanding of the style and the formation of a positive opinion of Henri’s works in the minds of contemporaries. This is why we can admire Henri Matisse’s paintings as a French art phenomenon in the early 20th century because they were so unique.

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Do not pass up this fantastic opportunity to decorate your home with a high-quality and beautiful piece of art.

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