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Mysterious and very controversial painting created by Balthus.

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Some interesting thoughts about the painting “The guitar lesson 1934” painted by one of the notorious painter – Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, also identified as Balthus, let’s dive in.


Try not to look at this painting as most people do it, do not use your habitual thinking, full of taboos, and broad stereotypes. Yes, Balthus drew the Guitar Lesson painting 1934 full of erotic images and signs, but he forced us to think about some things hidden behind the visual shapes. Here some questions that were born in my mind: The young girl suffering or enjoying the punishment? If they often met for the guitar lesson and how often the girl got a penalty (What about parents, did they know about, how cruel the teacher is, and if it is a violence e.). If the teacher was hurting the teen, she was sexually aroused by it, and teachers’ hard nipples were pointing to this.

Look at their position, leaving preconceptions aside; it looks like the teacher playing the guitar, but instead of the young girl’s musical instrument. Maybe she wanted to explain what was happening with the guitar if to be rude and harsh with the guitar, which needs to be delicate with inanimate objects. The girl is similar to a tighten string; grabbing the teacher’s dress, she tries to reduce tension because it is excruciating.

Let’s talk about the quality of the print of the painting.


The canvas is waterproof and with sun-protection. We use high-quality paints; that’s why your print on canvas will be brightly colored and fresh forever. Be sure; your wall will look perfect for a long time; change wallpapers sometime; the image on canvas will stay the same. I recommend you not buy very cheap canvases, because it could become garbage very fast, and you waste money.

What about the place where to hang such a weird and exciting print on canvas?


It isn’t simple to decide where to hang a painting with such candid content, especially if you live with someone. If you live alone, then no problem; you can put the Guitar Lesson Painting By Balthus print on canvas to any room you want. It is also easier if your partner, with whom you live, is a fan of art painting, and she or he sees in this print deep meaning and true glory.

Some notes about the Guitar Lesson painting’s shipping process, how we print the canvas, and how fast you will get it.


Regularly we send all our parcels by simple airmail; delivery time is about 20-30 days. If you want to get the Guitar Lesson canvas print of painting faster, contact us for this option. We can send for additional cost by DHL or TNT.

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