The Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel


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The Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel


Some prints of painting have complete impact on us. This print on canvas is portraying a lot of hidden meanings and basics about person’s life. Amazingly printed and crafted to meet the genuineness of Alexandre. We people always adore wisdom and intelligence. This canvas print is just overwhelming and unique. Nobody will ignore this best canvas print, as it has its underlying semantics. Hang The Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel print in your home and perceive about the real world. So, choose it and have a long-lasting view of your life whenever you want.


  • Quality, color and details of this canvas print is just perfect. 
  • This print on canvas is beyond level and will lighten up spur home and soul. 
  • This wall art can be hung anywhere in your home’s favorite place. 
  • This canvas painting is professionally made for giving you a glimpse of this life. 
  • This art work features a finest quality replica of original masterwork. Just marvelous for your home!

Some words about The Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel

“Fallen Angel” depicts a naked young man with wings sprouting behind his back. His hands are raised to cover the majority of his face, but the viewer can see the most important feature — the angel’s eyes. They are full of tears, anger, and a desire for revenge.

When the jury of the Rome Prize saw the “Fallen Angel”, it was horrified: Cabanel portrayed Lucifer. Famous painters chastised a young colleague.

The fallen angel cabanel tears Lavelart
The Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel Tears


He covers his face with his hands, naked and beautiful.
His mane billows in the breeze, and his brows arch over reddened eyes and angry tears.

Of course, his body is flawless.
His posture appears to be relaxed, but every muscle is tense with potential energy. Dropped from the sky….


His paintings were inspired by Greek mythology, and he painted many scenes from it.


About Alexandre Cabanel


The story of his life.

He was born into an artistic family. His father was a painter and his mother was a sculptor. At age 14, he began studying art at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1802, he became a student at the Académie Suisse where he studied under Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. He also attended the Royal Academy of Art in London.


His early years.

After completing his studies at the Académie, Cabanel went back to France and worked as a portrait artist. He traveled throughout Europe painting portraits of royalty and nobility. He returned to Paris in 1808 and exhibited his first major work, “The Death of Socrates,” at the Salon. It was well received and helped him gain recognition as one of the leading French painters of the day.


His education.

In 1795, Cabanel entered the École des Beaux Arts where he studied under Jacques-Louis David. He also attended lectures given by Jean-Antoine Watteau and François Boucher.


His career as an artist.

After graduating from the École des beaux arts, Cabanel was hired as a painter at the Gobelin tapestry factory. There, he worked with the famous tapestry designer Charles Le Brun.

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