Photo of Painting to Improve One Mood

Evgeny Tarasov, psychologist, psychotherapist of the highest category.

Having figured out how color affects our mental (and as a result – also physical) state, scientists have developed a special method of color therapy of emotions. It is based on what is called “visual stimulation”. That is, the body is influenced with the help of special devices that emit light of different colors. 

A flower for good health

Nowadays, it has been established that in addition to the so-called general bioenergetics, plants also have a kind of psychological effect on humans. And the main role in this is played not so much by their shape as by their color. It has been proven that the color of the petals and leaves of plants affects the mood of a person, their general energy, and also has a special therapeutic effect on them. 

Vincent Van Gogh yellow flowers photo painting

Yellow and orange colors carry the energy of warmth, cheerfulness, and fun. If you have a lack of energy, if your mood is low, you should put a living plant with yellow or orange flowers on your desk or next to your bed – communication with it will have a positive effect on your mood.

Color treatment history

The color therapy method cannot be called new. It is known that already in the IV-III centuries BC in ancient China and India, they “colored” light with colored crystals of natural minerals, successfully using it both for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with emotional stress and emotional instability.

Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna) spoke and wrote about the importance and usefulness of light therapy. Nowadays, light and color therapy is experiencing a rebirth. This is primarily due to the latest developments in the field of electronics. Now (so far only abroad) not only color, photo, light therapy is used, but also color puncture, also known as reflex therapy.

violet flowers still-life painting photo

White is the color of purity and light, so it is useful to plant white violets in an apartment where there are children. They protect them from negative emotions, even out the energy in children, and have a positive effect on their nervous system.

It is advisable to breed blue violets in childcare facilities (starting from kindergartens), since they create a favorable environment for those who learn to draw, sing or play musical instruments. Blue violets not only improve the mood of children but also help develop their creativity.

Purple violets can help build relationships in families, reducing possible emissions of negative, “evil” energy of quarrels and conflicts.

Red is the most active, energizing, warming, and revitalizing color. Its shades contribute to a surge of energy, an active attitude towards life, and a good mood. And therefore, it is recommended to purchase plants with red leaves and flowers for people who are weak, indecisive, overly suspicious, hypochondriacal. It is not for nothing that Gloxinia makes introverted people more open, more energetic, and Amaryllis with red flowers helps to preserve mental energy.

Paintings to improve one’s mood

Continuing the “color theme”, I would like to recommend that the readers have several paintings for different moods in their apartment or in their office.

the cats lunch painting photo wallet lavelart


If a person suffers from severe depression, it is unlikely that mere contemplation of paintings will help them. In this case, it’s time to create yourself! The process of drawing with penetration into the world of images can turn your life around. This effect on the psyche is called “art therapy” and is used in many clinics around the world.

What is it for? For example, if you are so tired that everything starts to annoy you and you feel on the verge of a breakdown, then a simple self-correction technique, which consists of looking at a picture with a lot of details, can help you stay balanced. And in the case of asthenia with emotional instability, for example, the famous painting by Arkady Rylov “In High Azure” can help. In order to use its help, it is not at all necessary to rush to the Tretyakov Gallery, where it is exhibited. It is enough to have a good reproduction of this picture at home in a frame, on the wall, or at least in an album.

photo lavelart print canvas Arkady Rylov “In High Azure”

Look carefully at all the details of the picture for a few minutes. In the blue sky (blue color not only reduces fatigue but also gives you peace of mind) white clouds float and large white birds fly somewhere into the distance (as you remember, white is the color of purity and light).

There is very little of the dark blue color of the sea in this picture, but in combination with blue and white, it is able to generate amazing peace, muffle the severity of emotional experiences, disturbing thoughts, and ease tension.

Try to feel this picture as deeply as possible, to pass it not so much through your consciousness as through your heart, to dissolve in it and in its mood. Try to associate yourself with these magnificent white birds flying away to distant warm and happy lands.

You can also close your eyes and try to reproduce a painting in your imagination as vividly as possible, the contemplation of which could generate so many new sensations and feelings in you.

Of course, everyone should find a painting to their liking.

For example, for many years I have been enjoying the watercolor painted by my brother, a non-professional artist, who managed, however, to capture blue trees against the background of sparkling white (more precisely, bluish-white) snow with a breathtaking sentiment. This picture evens out my mood in an amazing way (and quickly enough!).

Painting for the tired ones

If you are so tired that it seems that you have reached your limit, and severe fatigue is accompanied by a decrease in emotional tone, then it is good to dissolve in the golden landscapes of Isaac Levitan.

Or, even if you are not believers, you can resort to the help of the famous “Trinity” by Andrey Rublev, which, if you remember, is dominated by gold, orange, and yellow tones – these are the colors that carry energy, vigor and cheerfulness.

The works of the Impressionists also give a striking effect.

However, it is not at all necessary to seek help only in classical artistic creations, abstract paintings can also be very effective.