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1. Buy an erotic painting online

buy erotic painting online wall art canvas print photo Lavel Art

If you appreciate the beauty of a woman’s or a man’s body, and you want to decorate your house with masterpieces of fine art, then welcome to our online store of prints of paintings on canvas. We are selling the most elegant and beautiful erotic paintings. Be sure that looking at those paintings your imagination would start running, and you will be inspired to start a new love affair. Or you will get regular visual pleasure and a bunch of positive emotions.

2. Abstract Paintings

buy abstract painting wall art canvas print

Abstract paintings will perfectly fit any  interior and will transform ordinary design into bright and interesting. Looking at such paintings,  you will always find something exciting and your imagination will provide it with personal and unique understanding. Some psychologists recommend hanging abstract paintings in rooms of troubled children. All these bizarre shapes and patterns can take their imagination for a long time and send them into an amazing fantastic world. If you are a lawyer or a doctor, why not hang abstract wall art   in the waiting room,  it will lighten up the long waiting time of your clients, and they will be more joyful. If you do not have much money, the just buy abstract art prints. 

3. Painting of landscape

photo of painting of landscape wall art canvas pring lavelart

Landscape paintings will fit any room. They could remind you about favorite places, where you have been before and would love to visit again. Or you can also hang a landscape painting, which you desire to visit. If you live in a warm country, you can decorate your wall with a winter landscape, of course in case you love winter. If you want to make a valuable gift for somebody you love, then gift a painting with a place that you visited together and you had a happy period there. I am sure you will hit the nail on the head with the gift. 

4. Painting of people

napoleon coronation painting wall art canvas print photo Lavelart

You will find portraits and full-growth paintings on our website. The beauty of their faces and other body parts, will please your eyes and make your mood better every day. You must agree, that it is always great to look at beautiful people. 

If you know a person who inspires you, then you could hang his or her depiction. I am inspired by Raymond Albert Kroc (McDonalds creator), his portrait is hanging in my office. It is fun and interesting to look at a painting with plenty of people doing something. For example Herri Met de Bles Road to Calvary, with many small details and many people.  It is possible to look at this painting for hours and hours, every-time finding something new.

5. Painting of flowers

photo of painting of flowers wall art canvas print

Painting with flowers creates a bright, joyful and pleasant atmosphere at your home.  Walls with paintings with flowers turn common walls into views with beautiful flowers or huge fields with different flowers. Paintings with summer or spring flowers are the source of good mood and joy. For only 50 – 100 dollars you will get an invaluable item that will charge you with a positive energy every day, or will exempt you from heavy thoughts and free your mind. If you still do not have wall art with flowers, we recommend you to buy peonies, memory boxes, primroses or lilacs. During the winter, a picture with spring flowers can be a source of pleasant and warm memories. Looking at such a painting you will feel good and you heart will  fill up with warmth.